Can you get stoned from full-spectrum CBD?

CBD on its own might not make you high. Toxic effects of THC can be experienced with full-spectrum CBD. You may experience the effects of taking sufficient amounts of THC if you use a Full-spectrum CBD product.

Are you interested in giving full-spectrum CBD oil a whirl? If this is the case, you may be concerned about the small levels of THC included in these products and whether or not they can give you a high. This may not be the case at all. All but the most potent CBD products have little to no THC, the cannabinoid recognized for its euphoric properties. Although CBD and THC are found in cannabis plants, they are fundamentally different. THC induces euphoria, whereas CBD does not, which is the difference between the two. CBC full-spectrum products do not include enough THC to deliver the ‘high’ effects you’re looking for, but both have significant advantages.

Types Of Cannabidiol (CBD)

An understanding of cannabis pharmacology is necessary before delving deeper into full-spectrum CBD. Understanding how CBD is available in different formats can also assist in making an informed decision about your subsequent CBD purchase. Cannabis and hemp contain a wide range of chemicals, including CBD. You may have seen terms like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD in your research on CBD products.

  • Full-spectrum CBD pills contain most of the cannabinoids present in cannabis. Cannabis extract that contains all cannabinoids from the plant is used in this formula (besides terpenes and CBD). It’s crucial to remember that all cannabis plants contain THC in their natural state. The maximum THC commonly found in hemp grown for commercial reasons is 0.3%. Because of this, every CBD full spectrum supplement will contain some THC, even if made from legal, commercial hemp. Only minute levels of THC will be found in full-spectrum supplements, though. No intoxication effects may be expected from taking high quantities of CBD products daily because the concentration is so low.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD terpenes do not include any of the psychoactive compound THC. CBD products marketed as “full spectrum” versus “wide spectrum” only differ in one respect.
  • CBD isolates include simply CBD, which has been separated from the rest of the cannabis plant’s inherent components.

Full Spectrum CBD; Drug Test

Drug tests can be complicated if you’re using CBD products. People are routinely subjected to random drug tests in the workplace or as a result of their recovery from addiction. CBD full spectrum products that include trace quantities of THC may cause you to be concerned about passing a drug test if you use them. Specific THC metabolites are the targets of these drug screenings. There is usually a threshold for these tests (below which the reading comes up as negative). For example, taking far more than the recommended CBD oil dosage will result in a positive drug test reading in your urine.

Does Full-Spectrum CBD Make You High

THC is naturally present in all cannabis plants, including hemp variants. THC levels in industrial hemp from the United States, Canada, and Europe are under 0.3 percent (exact figures are country-dependent). Consequently, any full-spectrum CBD supplement, even if derived from legal, industrial hemp, would include some THC. Keep in mind that full-spectrum supplements contain very small quantities of THC. It’s impossible to intoxicate the body with these levels of CBD, even if you regularly consume high quantities of CBD products. So, there you have it: full-spectrum CBD oil extracted from industrial hemp will not make you high. Those keen to try full-spectrum CBD Oil because of the entourage effect may find it the best option. But if you are sensitive to THC or want to avoid it, you may want to try broad-spectrum CBD. There are certain benefits to this method, but you won’t be getting high at all.

How Long Does CBD Stay In The System?

The duration depends on factors such as:

  • The amount of CBD ingested
  • The frequency
  • body composition (weight or BMI)
  • Dietary habits and how you use (oils, vaping, edibles, lotions, etc.)

CBD’s effects can last anywhere from two to six hours, depending on the mix of these circumstances, but it’s impossible to say for sure. While it’s difficult to say how long CBD stays in our systems, this isn’t a cause for alarm.

What To Look for When Purchasing Full Spectrum CBD Products

  • OTC CBD products do not yet have FDA assurances about their efficacy, safety, or quality. Because of this, it’s critical to do your homework before purchasing to ensure you get a high-quality product. It is important to keep an eye out for the following:
  • COAL. Before purchasing the item, insist on a current and complete Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a well-known third-party lab. Consider the cannabinoid profile, potency, and contaminant testing results before purchasing.
  • Transparency. Inquire about the company’s hemp-growing practices and manufacturing processes to be certain. It’s safer to buy hemp grown in the US because it’s governed by more stringent laws here.
  • Unfounded health claims. The corporation should not claim its products can treat or cure any condition. While CBD may help with symptoms management, it is not currently an FDA-approved treatment for any ailment other than prescription Epidiolex for seizures.
  • FDA warning letters, litigation, and negative customer feedback. Examine any FDA warning letters that the business may have gotten. These could indicate that the corporation made false health claims. Additionally, search for legal issues and negative customer evaluations.

Full-Spectrum CBD And Broad-Spectrum CBD

While full-spectrum CBD products contain trace quantities of THC, broad-spectrum, and isolate, products are completely free of the compound. By removing THC, broad-spectrum CBD preserves the plant’s other beneficial compounds, like cannabidiol, terpenes, and flavonoids. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available.


Full-spectrum CBD may be advantageous owing to the entourage effect, which states that CBD is efficient when combined with other cannabis components. THC is in small amounts in full-spectrum CBD but not enough to cause intoxication. However, the potency of the CBD product and the dosage you take will have an impact on this. Ingesting enough THC to get “high” may be possible with a high dose of a potent product. Some medicines may have an interaction with CBD. You should consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise program.


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