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The Elxyr Co.

Premium Broad Spectrum Medicinal CBD superior to CBD isolate. Nano technology that delivers 4-5 times more bio-availability. Organically Grown in America!

Elxyr CBD vs. Others

We use American Grown Medicinal Hemp that is naturally rich in CBD, with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes all working synergistically to provide true health benefits.  All is separated from the plant using a proprietary extraction process, while leaving in tact the entourage of naturally present compounds like CBG, CBN, CBC and a large and diverse amount of terpenes.

Many others use synthetic forms of CBD crystalline isolate coming out of Eastern Europe and China. They also use "Industrial Hemp" CBD oil and isolate and marketing it as an effective CBD product, but it is not. Hemp from overseas often contains heavy metals, toxic molds, and mysterious chemicals.


Max is extremely anxious.  He won’t let me touch him and he pants all the time.  We tried the Pet Elxyr and it really works. Thanks!

Adam Hunter

Scrappy enjoys his Elxyr CBD, he takes regular walks now and is his playful self

Kim Garcia

My lab is old and has joint issues, it is difficult to watch him struggle, but now that he is on the CBD he is moving around so much better. Glad we came across you guys. 

Jill Walker


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